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The Learning Chinese Q & A will provide online Chinese learners some of the frequent questions and answers regarding Chinese learning.


Q & A
  • What is the goal of ChenChinese's website?

It is designed for any who has no previous knowledge of Chinese and interests in Chinese culture and language.

  • How should I start my first Chinese study?

You may study independently just follow the content and move at a steady pace.  The website will develop a solid foundation for Chinese learning and all four skills of the language, listening, speaking, reading and writing will be introduced. You will also be introduced to the Chinese history, society and other Chinese cultures.  


  • Is it very difficult to learn Chinese?

It’s not easy. Actually, learning any language is hard. Learning to read the characters is difficult but that's the beauty of it! People feel it is difficult just because it's so different from any other language. Learning Chinese is a big challenge but it is a worthy investment and experience. 


  • What is the difference between the simplified Chinese
characters and the traditional characters?

The Mandarin "standard pronounced" Chinese is all the same and no matter what writing characters they use. People use the traditional Chinese characters In Taiwan and Hong Kong, but the simplified Chinese characters are taught in mainland China. It's much easier to write for most of people.


  • Should I learn Cantonese or Mandarin?

Mandarin is spoken by majority of the Chinese population. It's the official language of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Cantonese is only spoken by people in Hong Kong and southern part of China. The priority should be Mandarin Chinese.


  • How do I utilize pinyin to help Chinese learning?

Pinyin helps to simplify Chinese characters study and parry the more difficult task of learning Chinese characters. However, the learners should spend enough time learning to read and write the characters and not only rely on studying pinyin. Chinese characters have a cultural background and they support an extensive understanding of Chinese culture and Mandarin Chinese.  


  • Can I only learn Chinese pinyin but not the characters?

Yes! You can. If you don’t want to learn reading and writing, you can just learn pinyin and only focus on speaking ability. 


  • Are the web-courses flexible?

Yes, they are designed to meet individual needs. You can pick any topic which you are interested in anywhere and anytime.


  • Chinese characters seem complicated, is it too difficult
to learn?

Of course not. You will learn it as long as you practice! There is a system to combine and construct different strokes into a character. Chinese characters do look complicated but you'll get fun and interesting from Chinese writing.


  • Are the courses too difficult to learn? Does it just
waste time to start because I will give up someday?

The website is specially designed for all the beginners to learn Chinese in a very easy and efficient way. You will surprise to see that you really learn a lot by yourself and you make a progress without too much push and pressure.


  • Can I ask for any further information or question?

For any further question in Chinese learning, please feel free to contact by email at


confucius Learning Chinese is fun.

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