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Some of the Chinese festivals show the traditional cultural and based on the lunar calendar. We are going to introduce some of the important Chinese festivals here.




Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for Chinese families. People celebrate this holiday at the beginning of a new year according to the lunar calendar.
Every family cleans the house thoroughly.  That means wipe out any back luck from the previous year and to ready for the good luck coming. Some people will buy new clothes or have a haircut in order to have a fresh start. Another popular tradition is to put signs or posters on doors and windows written by some Chinese characters which mean luck and happiness. 
The dinner in the Chinese New Year Eve is traditionally for family reunion.  After dinner, parents or adults will give children or unmarried members of the family the red envelopes which symbolize bringing wealth and prosperity for the coming year.  The red envelopes filled with money and pronounce as “hong bao” in pinyin.
The New Year's festivities usually celebrate fifteen days. The fifteenth day is the Lantern Festival. Children light and carry lanterns along the street for parade, which means the brightness of the coming year.

Dragon Boat Festival
The Dragon Boat Festival is usually on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. A popular story regarding its origin and version regards patriotic poet Chu Yuan who was drowned on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in 277 B.C.
Legend says after people heard he drowned, fishermen started to search for his body and people threw zongzi into the river to feed fish in order to salvage his body. That’s why the most exciting activity is the Dragon Boat races in Dragon Boat Festival.
The traditional food Zong zi is a glutinous steamed dumpling. The fillings could be the combination of pork, eggs, beans, peanut, sweet potato, mushrooms.


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Full Moon Festival
Full Moon Festival is also named the Mid-Autumn festival which falls on the fifteen day of the eighth lunar month. The moon appears the roundest and brightest on that night.
This festival is celebrating a bountiful harvest and just like the American Thanksgiving holiday.
Family or neighbors traditionally get together to celebrate outdoors under the moonlight. Barbecues with families and friends, eating moon cakes and enjoying the full moon are most popular activities. Full Moon Festival is also known as the family reunion because the full moon is a symbol of reunion.


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