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Chinese people usually eat together and sometimes the host will serve you some dishes with his or her own chopsticks to show the hospitality. However, the Western guests may feel awkward.
Chinese use chopsticks as their tableware rather than knife and fork because knife and fork are considered sort like violence or weapons. In the other way, chopsticks reflect the main moral teaching of Confucianism and gentleness.
There are some traditions in Chinese eating culture. First, Chinese are not allowed to stick chopsticks upright in the rice bowl because that usually appears on the funeral.  Second, it’s not polite to tap on the bowl with chopsticks. Third, people never turn a fish over. It is a traditional superstition especially in South China's fishing families. It means a bad luck and people think it may cause a fishing boat capsize. The last Chinese eating culture is soup is never served first and usually goes with dinner or after dinner.  

Chinese food box Arts of Eat and Drink

Tea is the most popular drink. Actually, China is the homeland of tea. The habit of tea drinking spread to surrounding country Japan in the 6th century. The atmosphere for drinking tea leads to quiet contemplation. Countless numbers of people like to have tea after meals. It is rich in various vitamins and brings a feeling of relaxation.


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